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Build a high performing team and diverse organisational culture with our pioneering inclusive recruitment software.


We are the software provider for inclusive recruitment

Build high performing cultures, inclusively.

Our recruitment software matches you with candidates identified through metrics specific to your organisation and selected to drive long-term performance. By displaying these new data points, we can also help you sustainably mitigate bias throughout your hiring process.

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Enhance candidate insight and experience.

Pre-agreed qualification metrics mitigate selection bias, enable faster high-quality feedback, and ensure everyone has a value-add experience no matter the outcome.

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Gain radical transparency.

Transparency across demographic, cognitive, target remuneration data points enables everyone to be held to higher and more accountable inclusivity standard.

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We will be great at inclusion when we can elevate beyond simply measuring the diversity of demographics.

HR technology will play a significant role in unlocking inclusive hiring practices, and it's very exciting to see such advancements being made by the global front runner, Included.AI.

Kia Christian, Director, People Operations, Google

Whether a start-up or global market leader, the biggest challenge for all organisations is finding, attracting and retaining great and diverse talent.

This is why partnering with Included.AI is a no-brainer to me.

Maggie Lower, Chief Marketing Officer, Hootsuite

If we truly desire, in fairness, a level playing field for all and for the most suitable person to always be hired into our businesses, change to the legacy recruitment methodology is necessary.

It is for this reason, I enjoy working with Included.AI and champion their tenacity for change.

Justin Onuekwusi, Head of Retail Multi-Asset Funds, LGIM

Companies need to focus in on interventions that are proven to work, instead of spending on PR-worthy campaigns that are not impacting the lives of those they're professing to support.

We need to get serious about social inclusion and changing the way we look at talent is key to this. This is why I'm very excited by how Included.AI are creating equity of opportunity in the job market.

Sir Simon Woolley CBE, Baron Woolley of Woodford, Founder, Operation Black Vote & Principal of Homerton College, Cambridge

I recommend Included.AI to anyone looking to seriously tackle their commitment to social mobility and equity and develop deeper trust and connections with the talent market.

The team there are unrivalled.

Sharon Clews, Transformational Coach


Our mission is to build a more equitable working world where everyone can participate because of the skills they have.

We help you close critical skills gaps.

Of the people we've placed, the most prevalent skills represented are:

Problem Solver (62%)

Collaborative (42%)

Customer-Focused (34%)

Data-Centric (55%)

Critial Thinker (58%)

Creative (44%)

We help you attract exceptional, diverse talent.

Of the people we've placed, the demographics represented are:

Ethnically diverse (60%)

Gender diverse (52%)

LGBTQ diverse (22%)

Disabled or Neuro-diverse (24%)

Socially Mobile (35%)


Organisations already building a fairer working world

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