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  Build High Performing & Healthy Teams 

Recruitment achieves a 50% success rate* on all new hires. Let that sink in...

The cost of this to organisations is great but it is even greater to the people and teams who are affected by this poor and disruptive practice. We must do better.

It’s time to review, reflect and redefine how we are attracting, qualifying and developing trust with the talent we want to work with our organisations.

It’s time to rethink recruitment.

*LinkedIn 2020. Based on a placed candidate leaving within 18 months of placement.

At Included.AI, we are evolving the way our clients look at and attract talent.

We look horizontally when others look vertically to understand the power an individual has to unlock competitive advantage for your organisation.

By leveraging CLU, our cloud-based recruitment tool, we give you the opportunity to significantly increase your creative license for recruitment and the returns you seek.

Our clients not only benefit from improved satisfaction and return on investment. They also achieve long term benefits like increased employer brand value, inclusiveness, innovation and employee retention.

Inclusive Recruitment

  • Fixed costs and no hidden fees;
  • Total transparency and unique data points across all phases of the process;
  • Significantly improved candidate conversion and retention;
  • Unique access to exceptional diverse talent communities.

Business Intelligence

  • Custom reports based on our uniquely captured datasets;
  • Visibility of inclusion metrics across all phases of the recruitment process;
  • Over time, these can also be mapped against role types, seniority, locations etc.

Talent Pools

  • Pre-qualified pools of exceptional talent, ready when you need them;
  • Reduced cost and time to hire;
  • Significantly improved candidate experience;
  • Monthly engagement cadence and updates taken care of by us.

The empathy and emotion perpetuate through every touchpoint with Included.AI. The team have an ability to put you at ease and unearth core skills to enable you as a candidate to fully make the right choices and decisions at every stage. I moved in a different direction, one that accurately endorses proficiency, eventually leading to why I chose to accept Cision’s offer over others on the table.

Jules Capriglione, VP International Marketing, Cision


Unlock trust through inclusive best practice

73% of candidates don’t apply for a job at a company again if they receive a negative experience.*

If talent is our competitive advantage, we must do everything we can to create an inclusive and value-add experience for every person who endorses us by applying to work in our organisations.

After two years of development, we have created intervention points across the recruitment cycle that ensure everyone involved has a greater and more rewarding experience.

Our approach unearths invaluable talent in places you never knew to explore and your competitors don’t even know exist.

*Reed, 2019 – Sample of 4,000 candidates.

If you are looking for new appointments in 2021, speak to Included.AI. Start the process with a team that represents the values of equality and inclusion. The first question I asked Joseph was ‘how does your Board score on the D&I index?’ It’s not enough to say inclusion is a value; it’s important to demonstrate it in practice. Which they do in bucket loads.

Poppy Jaman OBE, CEO, CMHA

Catalysing innovative and inclusive cultures

We have spent the past two years working with candidates, behavioural and business psychologists and HR leaders to create a new methodology that corrects and remedies every pain point we could find in the long-in-need-of-change traditional recruitment process.

By creating a rigorously hands-on service that is elevated by technology, we can now provide data points behind a candidate’s skill, diversity and remuneration at every point of the process.

This means that by utilising Included.AI in your recruitment stack, you lay the foundations to creating an innovative and inclusive culture in your organisation.

A Business Built on Purpose

To sustainably create equity of opportunity in the global job market, we must dig deeper to elevate the underrepresented communities that our day-to-day work doesn’t reach.

That is why we offer pro-bono consultancy and services to a suite of game-changing founders in their efforts to make society a better place for all.

By working with us, you are ensuring incredible organisations like these can continue changing the world.

Ready to access the talent your competitors don't even know exist?

Included.AI is technology-enabled. Included.AI is community-driven.

Included.AI is where people are seen for the talents they have, not the route they have travelled.

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