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About Us

Included.ai is the leading software provider for inclusive recruitment. We are committed to evolving the way that people are seen, understood and set up for success in recruitment and selection processes.

Our team of psychologists, technologists and recruitment experts have spent two years creating our category-defining inclusive recruitment software, CLU. Our cloud-based tool enriches every touchpoint of the hiring process for your organisation, the talent you want to hire and the teams that you are building.


A more equitable working world where everyone can participate because of the skills they have.


To create equity of opportunity in the global job market through unlocking the power of cognitive diversity in recruitment and talent mobility.

Social equity is unequivocal to us. That’s why we have committed to adding 10,000 socially mobile people to the global workforce over the next five years.

How we improve the recruitment process.

Lightening the load of the hiring manager

Hiring stakeholders can quickly and easily create a skills assessment matrix for open roles. This engages teams in recruitment, making them more invested and accountable for the success of new hires.

Fair and consistent qualification

Every applicant is assessed against the same attributes matrix throughout the process, significantly mitigating the potential of discrimination and bias.

A truly candidate-centric recruitment process for everyone

Our process doesn’t simply set placed talent up for success, we also add value to unsuccessful candidates through constructive, timely feedback, ending their interaction with your organisation positively.

Reducing barriers to entry

By understanding a candidate’s unique strengths and not exclusively their career history to qualify them into a process, we can offer much broader talent pools for selection, significantly reducing barriers to entry.

Improved accountability for bias and poor practice

CLU is anchored to auditable data, based on your requirements. This ensures that candidates are judged fairly and consistently, making it easier to avoid and challenge unconscious bias.

Significantly improved data and visibility

We capture robust candidate data across demographics, skills and target remuneration. Using these new data points allows you to track your organisation’s performance in safeguarding holistic diversity and inclusion over time.

Higher performing, motivated teams

All of this helps you build cognitive balance into your teams by design, leading to higher performance, greater motivation and more innovative and inclusive cultures

We are a #techforgood business.

Included.AI is a social enterprise building a more equitable working world.

The mainstream way of recruiting was built for a narrower job market, centred on fewer sectors and role families. As skills and backgrounds continue to diversify, this process is inherently exclusive and no longer fit for purpose.

To help organisations reach the broadest talent pools possible, we are constantly adding to our partner ecosystem, to help us mobilise thousands of new people into the global workforce.

Got questions? Our team have the answers.

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